Remedies for the future of our oceans through deploying plastic litter valorisation and prevention pathways

The commitment of Infordata Sistemi continues in the field of projects related to environmental sustainability as a technological partner of the REMEDIES project as part of the new Horizon Mission program: oceans, seas and waters which aims to preserve, protect and restore the health of our seas


The Retracking project concerns the recycling and traceability of waste fibreglass and fibre-reinforced composites in general. This waste is ‘hard to recycle’ as there are no standard methods to recycle it. So it happens that fibreglass boats or motorhomes remain abandoned in marinas, fields or landfills. The Retracking project was developed from 2017 to 2021[…]


The Maelstrom project starts in 2020. It is a Smart technology for Marine Litter Sustainable Removal and Management project that aims to develop technology specifically designed to curb the problem of marine litter. The project, which involves partners in several European countries, aims to monitor plastic and microplastic litter in the open sea, on beaches[…]