Event: Meraviglioso Natale

The association GPuglia has chosen Infordata because, despite the big distance, we were able to quickly provide the right solution both as far as hardware (turnstiles, terminals) and software (tailor-made solution) were considered.


The event MERAVIGLIOSO NATALE (italian for Wonderful Christmas) took place in Polignano a Mare in Apulia in 2018. The famous summer destination has hosted this Christmas Event with an amazing show of artistic illuminations “Luci d’artista” already known from other cities like Turin  Salerno and Pescara. The spectacle was a great success broadcasted by local and foreign media. Even though it was the first edition, record results have already been obtained – nearly half a million of visitors came to Polignano.

When: from 16th of November until the beginning of December on the weekend and daily from 16th of December until 6th of January.

Organiser: Associazione Culturale GPuglia



  • closing the old town with outdoor turnstiles to obtain an access control compliant with the security rules imposed by the local Police Headquarters; the turnstiles must be moved easily when not needed
  • a reliable and smart electronic system for payments during the event ( i.e. entrance fee, food booth), a modern solution in order to prevent queues and payments by cash, possibility to buy cards also online
  • specialised assistance



Infordata has provided the customer with a solution based on following products:

  • TURNSTILES with RFID readers rental: for the whole duration of the event, the turnstiles were put in place in the morning and removed in the evening. All the visitors were required an identification with personalised RFID cards printed by Infordata. Once the card was recognised, the turnstile arms would rotate allowing the entrance. Thanks to these products, we could report the attendance numbers in real-time.
  • CASHLESS System based on our software Meetme supported by the rental of over 100 Android NFC TERMINALS and the supply of thousands of cards RFID. The visitors would buy a card GPUGLIA and could use it as a prepaid payment method inside the venue. In order to buy something at the Christmas booths, it was enough to tap your card on the staff's terminal. With our MeetMe all the transactions were displayed in real-time: entrances, exits, how many cards have been sold, the total credit on all of the cards, the balance owed, number of recharges made, the location and time of each of the transactions. Furthermore Meetme provided reports based on your requirements. The access to the system has been provided both to the organisers and the local police. Our solution has made this event a really Wonderful Christmas.
  • SPECIALISED ASSISTANCE in the first stage of the project Infordata technical staff was on the spot, but also later our programmers were available remotely round the clock during the whole duration of the event.



The association GPuglia has chosen Infordata because, despite the big distance, we were able to quickly provide the right solution both as far as hardware (turnstiles, terminals) and software (tailor-made solution) were considered.

Meetme meets the customer's expectations, even at such big events. Its key advantages are: TRANSPARENCY together with the TRIPLE SECURITY of the data, that is being saved in real-time on the card, terminal and online for an instant view.

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