INVENTORY RFID: the new software by Infordata

After years of research and development, Infordata can proudly present our new software INVENTORY RFID.

Inventory is a Cloud based software developed to manage fully the company’s capital goods while asuring the easiness and rapidity of an inventory.

The capital goods are products bought by the company that are apllied within the production process. They rappresent a company’s value.

Often their management becomes confusionary or incomplete because it requests periodical and miticulous work of counting and keeping trace.

The Italian government forseens important tax advantage related to purchasing of capital goods – for this reason the Inventory becomes crutial.  Our software has been created to assist medium and large enterprises to manage easily this aspect and trace their assets.

The particularity of our software is the fact that it’s based on RFID technology which allows a rapid and remote check of all assets.  

Inventory is a multi-user solution that can be tailor-made for your needs.

It is composed of two parts:

  • OPERATIVE PART: in this phase all assets get prepared with RFID labels and inserted into the database. The counting becomes simple – it’s done with a designated RFID reader.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE PART: in this phase the assets can be controlled remotely, you can download the statistics, product’s details as well as interface Inventory database with your enterprise software.

On our dedicated website in the section SUPPORT & DOWNLOAD you can find the software’s manual and brochures. Keep trace of our NEWS section to stay ap-to date with the last updates and projects.

We will be happy to introduce you to Inventory by showing you our DEMO – please send us a filled in contact form for more information or mail us at


With our software the Inventory will no longer be a nightmare!