New release of our website dedicated to card printing service

The cards in PVC keep on conquering the world, just think about it – each one of us has at least one of them in their wallet!

There may be simple fidelity cards, RDIF contact or contactless carts, with a magnetic stripe, barcode, XL badges for events etc. They can be printed in any imaginable colour and finishing.

With the higher demand on cards itself, there is a growing market for card accessories like lanyards, badge holders among others. For those who need small quantities of printed cards, there is even a whole DIY section with special printers.

Infordata is the Card Specialist. We’ve been working in this field since 1997 and are able to supply you with complete card solutions for any requirements.

Thanks to our over 20-years experience, we are the leader on the Italian market. We guarantee the best prices based on delivery time requested. For these reasons we have launched our brand new website, that gathers all the information regarding card printing.

The new website is divided into six thematic categories:

  • PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES: in this part you will find the descriptions and differences between the most popular card printing technologies (dye-sublimation thermographic transfer, retransfer and offset)
  • CARDS AND OTHER PRINTABLE SUPPORTS: this category embraces various kinds of printable cards (blank, colorful, with RFID technology, with a magnetic stripe, XL, etc.) as well as an indication for other printable supports that you can find in Infordata’s offer (wristbands, key fobs, social tags, adhesive labels, lanyards)
  • FINISHINGS: in this category we describe the techniques that help you to create the most original  and eye-catching results for printed cards (laser printing, embossing, silk screen background, 3D effect and many others)
  • ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: here you can find additional services that we offer to make your card serve your needs best (hole, signature panel, UID reading, encoding, variable data printing, packaging)
  • CARD PRINTERS AND CARD ACCESSORIES: this section is dedicated to the three leader brands for card printers: Zebra, Fargo and Nisca. We are distributors of these brands in the region. In this category we have also included card accessories (lanyards, badge covers, card racks, yo-yo card holders, etc.)
  • BIO PVC/ECO CARD: last but not least the section dedicated to the eco-freaks as well as to those who need special products, like food-safe cards

Furthermore, on our new website you can find four dedicated COMPLETE SOLUTION sections:


Check our FAQ and NEWS section to find out more about the card printing world.

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