Remedies for the future of our oceans through deploying plastic litter valorisation and prevention pathways

Infordata Sistemi continues its commitment in sustainability projects.

European Union has launched a new Horizon Mission programme aiming to restore, protect and preserve
the health of our ocean, seas and waters by 2030. The Mission is designed to deliver on the European
Union’s 2030 quantified and measurable targets for protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity
with actions for zero pollution, and for decarbonisation as well as net greenhouse gas emissions
reduction towards climate-neutrality, within the EU’s ocean, seas and waters.

The overall objective of the REMEDIES project is to attract public interest for deploying remedies of our seas.
The efforts to monitor and collect plastic litter, as well as to prevent the generation of litter in the first place,
should become mainstream and an everyday part of our lives. REMEDIES is thus aiming to create a trend of
plastic prevention by exploitation of traditional and modern channels and with the help of citizen’s science
fostering co-creation of participatory processes building a more plastic-conscious society.

The REMEDIES consortium is led by the National Institute of Chemistry from Slovenia which coordinates 22 partners in 12 European countries including Infordata Sistemi

All innovative solutions will be tested in 9 demonstration sites in 8 Mediterranean countries. After validation, they will be scaled up in 33 new sites in order to implement them across the whole Mediterranean.

Specific objectives:

  • To monitor macro- and microplastic waste in 8 Mediterranean areas.
  • To collect and valorise >422 tons of plastic litter.
  • To prevent the further deposition of an equivalent of >61 tons of plastic.
  • To reach >250,000 people and activate >2,000 citizens.
  • To scale and replicate zero-waste innovations in ~50 more sites.

The pillar of prevention (left), monitoring (middle) and collection (right).