13 October 2015

Infordata was founded in 1980 and immediately became a leading company in the local area in the ICT and office automation sector. Subsequently, in the mid-nineties, it decided to make a strategic choice and aimed the company activity on products of automatic identification, access control and products related to card printing. Today Infordata is among the leading companies in Italy and Europe for the supply of 360° solutions related to physical security, automatic product traceability, innovative B2B systems based on integrated or mobile devices. In 2018, Infordata boasts over 20 collaborators and operates in 49 countries around the world.

For Easy Identification – we offer simple solutions for the identification, management and security of people and things, even for complex problems.

Our strength lies in the knowledge acquired over many years of work in the ICT sector, automatic card tracking, smart cards, RFID tags and other emerging systems. Our collaborators are able to design complex solutions that require transversal skills.