Innovative solutions for 
plastic free European rivers

Plastic pollution is becoming a major concern.

At this moment, an estimated amount of about 150 million tons of potentially harmful plastic is present in the ocean. With business as usual, the amount of plastic in the ocean pollution is expected to increase each year. Rivers and estuaries play an important role in the transport of plastics from land-to-sea, but also the ecosystems and biodiversity of rivers themselves are impacted by plastic pollution.

INSPIRE’s main objective is to contribute to the drastic reduction of litter, macro and microplastics in European rivers in a holistic approach, by bringing together 20 technologies and actions focusing on:

  • Detection
  • Collection
  • Prevention

Through its multifaceted approach, the project aims to:

  • Quantify, collect & reduce plastic litter
  • Extend the shelf life of fresh produce
  • Produce biodegradable materials
  • Establish efficient zero-waste supply chains

INSPIRE geographic implementation

A set of 20 technologies and actions were identified and brought together to meet with the needs for the holistic approach in removing litter, plastics & microplastics from 6 rivers by detection, collection and prevention.

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