Infordata Sistemi

13 October 2015


Infordata Sistemi’s experience in access control and attendance tracking dates back to 1997, after having already become synonymous with solutions linked to the world of IT and office automation during the previous decade. Founded in 1980, the company initially dealt with PC resale and CRM solutions for the management of business flows.

1997 is the year of change: following the intuition of its team and thanks to the experience gained over the years, Infordata decided to focus on automation systems, customization of plastic cards and access control. The decision allowed the group to achieve significant milestones, collaborating with prominent business realities such as Dolce&Gabbana, Illy, Insiel, Johnson&Johnson, Ministry of Environment, The United Nations WFP. The company acquired a know-how related to the world of access control thanks to a team of collaborators able to produce custom solutions for the design and construction of turnstiles, made in collaboration with international partners.

Over the following years, Infordata consolidated its presence in the market thanks to continuous investments in technology and logistics: the group expanded its organizational structure, which now includes a technical office, a department of hardware/software and a larger sizing of the warehouse, which ensures the prompt delivery of many processed products. The consulting activity became an integral part of the company, which thus supported its customers in all phases of selection, implementation and configuration of the chosen solutions. The numerous partners, present on the national and international territory, assured the customers immediate support in case of need, in the shortest possible time.

The dynamism of the group, a flexible organizational structure, efficiency in the management of logistics processes, combined with an excellent quality/price ratio of its products, allow Infordata to be competitive even in the European and world context.

Infordata considers it fundamental to propose high quality products with high safety standards, combined with the technological innovation necessary to maintain market leadership.

  • The demand for increasingly advanced products in terms of safety, performance and respect for the environment puts the latter at the top of Infordata’s values. Infordata dedicates a growing share of turnover to the development of solutions that respect the safety criteria in force, protecting the environment and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  • Technological innovation, in a market characterized by rapid and continuous changes, occupies a prominent place in the group’s strategies. The culture of innovation is expressed through a continuous search for new solutions and more efficient production processes, in the belief that only the continuous renewal allows to maintain a market positioning from the sector leader.
  • A continuous support oriented towards the final customer, with which Infordata undertakes to provide adequate technological, organizational and economic resources and resources, is of fundamental importance in the light of a high level of customer satisfaction.


  • MeetMe POS – advanced solution for the electronic purse
  • MeetMe – for Mailing and Surveying Campaigns
  • Supply of a system for printing national licenses of a Mediterranean country

  • Solutions
  • Attendance Tracking & Management
  • GoPlanner

  • Exclusive Perco turnstiles distribution
  • Installations at the Expo
  • RFID tracing of food tools
  • Cloud Personnel Attendance Management
  • CRM Management of large events
  • Management for Universities
  • Mobile Workforce Tech and Sales Management
  • Access Control in Ports
  • Business development in EU and Extra EU countries
  • Government Security Systems in Africa
  • UHF RFID Solutions
  • Distribution of Zebra card printers
  • NFC solutions
  • UN Event Management
  • RFID readers and terminals, Biometrics
  • Magnetic card readers and terminals
  • Smart cards and digital signature
  • Punching machine for debit and credit cards
  • Telephone card production systems
  • Office automation machines
  • Information technology, networks and telecommunications
  • Computer Informatics