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Cloud-based software to expand product functionalities and optimize business functionalities

GoPlanner is a software suite of complete solutions for efficient human resources management, access control and visitors management. With a suite of 6 scalable and integrable software packages, GoPlanner offers an intuitive and customisable interface to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses.

The GoPlanner versions can be integrated with each other and include:

  • GoPlanner ACCESS tracks and controls the authorised access of persons and vehicles entering the company.
  • GoPlanner TIME optimises human resources management, allowing the management of employees’ schedules, shifts, attendance and activities.
  • GoPlanner VISITORS manages visitors and suppliers access with automated registration at reception and arrival and exit notifications.
  • GoPlanner SAFETY controls access to sites and optimises the management of operational and documentary activities, ensuring an efficient workflow.
  • GoPlanner FM is the facility management platform enabling control and planning of maintenance shifts in buildings.
  • GoPlanner PICK IT UP is the ‘smart locker’  intelligently managing documents, valuables, keys and other objects, offering security and remote management.

Thanks to GoPlanner you can have access to a customisable dashboard where you can view the most important data and functions for your business. You will be able to assign shifts, manage employee absences, check timetables in real time and monitor the access of employees, visitors and suppliers.

And so much more, check out our website for further information.

Whether you are organising a conference, concert or convention, is the all-in-one solution offering tools and functionality to simplify your work.

Here are its main features:

  • Complete event management: From the event creation wizard to invitation and ticket management, offers everything you need to organise a perfect event.
  • Customised website for participants: create a website dedicated to your event with detailed information, programme, speakers and much more.
  • Effective and customised mailing: by using the pre-set graphic templates and our innovative testing system, you can create and send high quality emails to maximise the effectiveness of your communication campaign.
  • Advanced surveys and questionnaires: create surveys, questionnaires or quizzes to collect clear and comprehensive data from your participants. With the ability to use existing templates and integration with Mailing and Events functionality, offers you a complete solution for gaining valuable feedback.
  • Badges and participant accreditation: it simplifies the process of accreditation and badge printing for participants with our intuitive functionality. Give a seamless experience for your guests and save valuable time.
  • Detailed statistics: Do monitor the progress of your event with comprehensive statistics, which will provide you with valuable information on email deliveries, survey responses and many other important metrics.
  • Mobile Support: is also available as a mobile app on Google Play, allowing you to manage your event wherever you are, directly from your smartphone. is the preferred choice of leading organisations and entities wishing to provide unique and successful experiences for their events. Try today and find out how to simplify the management of your next event.

Inventory RFID is the advanced asset counting software. Using RFID technology, Inventory RFID offers a quick and easy way to inventory, manage and count company assets.

What is it?
Inventory RFID is software that simplifies asset management and the location of company assets. With its Android application, you can create labels and encode assets, and thanks to RFID technology, you can read the data from a distance.

How it works: 

Using an RFID reader, you can count assets and via cloud-based software, control inventory in real time. Inventory RFID is compatible with leading ERP management software.

Main Features:

  • Quick and Simple. Thanks to the Android app and RFID technology, you can create labels and count assets quickly and easily.
  • Full management. Con Inventory RFID, puoi gestire tutti i tuoi asset e controllare il loro inventario in tempo reale.
  • Flexible. You can use Inventory RFID on any type of property and in any business context.
  • Customised statistics. You can create statistics based on the desired parameters and consult the information from different devices.

Check out our website to see how it works and contact us.