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All you need for automation and security

Visit our websites to find the products you need, from RFID readers to tripod and full-height turnstiles, from surveillance cameras, personalized cards and card printers, to digital totems with touch screens, including the self-ordering ones.

We specialize in supplies and services for all these kinds of products and more.

INFORDATA SHOP is a website specialized in the online sale of products and solutions for easy identification, tracking and security of goods and people.

The website offers a wide range of products including:

  • Card printers: a selection of high-quality card printers for printing and customization of cards from the best brands on the market.
  • Ribbons: several types of ribbons for card printers are available, such as PVC ribbons for color printing, protective foils to give resistance to scratches and tears, or PVC labels.
  • Card software: a personalization of cards with the ability to integrate photos, text and other information.
  • Magnetic Stripe and RFID readers: an offering of card readers, card writers and devices  compatible with these technologies. Options include readers with different frequencies including 125KHz, 13.56 MHz, 900 MHz.
  • Cards and accessories: neutral plastic cards in PVC or already customized. Badge holders, lanyards, clips and other card accessories are also available. guarantees the highest quality of products and a service support able to guide our customers at every stage of purchase and beyond.



It’s our website focusing on turnstiles and speed gates offering a wide range of products and accessories to meet the specific needs of all customers.

Our turnstiles, gates and accessories are made from high quality materials and are designed for durability and strength over time. We are proud to offer a complete selection of solutions, including:

  • Tripod and Box Turnstiles: these turnstiles are perfect for access control in high-flow environments. They are designed to provide a smooth and safe access experience.
  • Speed Gates: our speed gates feature advanced technologies for high-speed access control. Also available with anti-override doors. This solution is ideal for high-flow areas.
  • Full Height Turnstiles: these turnstiles offer high security and are ideal for places that require more restrictive access control, such as stadiums sensitive or high security areas.
  • Doors: our doors are designed to provide access control in an unobtrusive and elegant manner. They offer a secure and efficient solution for access to buildings and restricted areas.

We also offer solutions for efficient and safe control of the flow of people and vehicles, helping to protect the security of environments.

Explore our website to discover all our access control solutions.


Totem360 is our website showing our indoor and outdoor digital totems to meet the different needs of businesses such as companies, stores, waiting rooms, malls, travel agencies, campings, ports, stations and airports.

Our totems feature capacitive touch technology allowing intuitive and engaging navigation for users. We offer a wide range of totems available in different formats and with several features, including:

  • Multimedia Totems: ideal for use in retail or public administration settings, we offer totems with touch displays of many sizes that can be integrated with payment terminals, card readers, modems and thermal printers.
  • Conference Totems:  especially designed for conference needs, providing dual large displays and facilitating presentation management.
  • Totems for Queue Management: equipped with printers, which are crucial for managing queues in public offices in an efficient and organized manner.
  • Totems for Campsites and Accommodations: our totems allow guests to perform automated check-ins and access to facilities at any time, without the need for constant live presence. It can also provide a card for all available services.
  • Totem for Events: for integrated event management, simplifying guest registration and accreditation.
  • Totems for Restaurants, Pubs and Fast-Food: touch menus and totems for self-ordering with cash or POS payment for food service operations.

On the website you can find more information for purchasing and customizing the products with extra devices or the rental mode.


Card Printing gives you personalized laminated card printing service with home delivery. With a wide selection of cards and other media, several printing finishes and accessories for every need, we can create high-quality products for every occasion.

Here’s a list of products and services you can find on the website:

  • Card catalogue: wide range of cards and customizable media.
  • Card types and other available media: find the perfect card for every occasion.
  • Printing types: choose your printing type, best suited to your needs.
  • Finishes types: customize your cards to make them truly special.
  • Special Bio PVC/Eco cards: eco-friendly cards with low environmental impact.
  • Card accessories: discover our full range of card accessories.
  • Tag your Price: complete solution for food card printing.
  • Loyalty management: complete solution for your customer loyalty.
  • Custom graphics: our graphics department is at your disposal for card customization.
  • Home delivery: we guarantee fast delivery, 24-48 hours from order confirmation.
  • Customized quotation: request a customized quotation for your order.

We take care of our customers by offering fast, efficient and professional service to make the cards from their materials or by making the graphics ourselves.

Find out more on our website and contact us for a quotation.