13 October 2015
Direct thermography and retransfer card printers

Printers for PVC cards with direct or retransfer thermography.
Infordata is the official HID Fargo and Zebra distributor.

Wide availability of print ribbons and cleaning cards for all major printer brands such as Datacard, Dai Nippon, Evolis, Javelin, Magicard and Zebra.

Turnstiles – Access Control – Security Cameras

Sale of tripod turnstiles, rotor or full height, mechanical gates; accessories for installation such as barriers or stainless steel barriers.
Your home and office deserve the best protection available. At Infordata we are proud to offer the ideal security solution for every situation. If you need to monitor at night with an external waterproof camera or a laptop, a mini-camera or a wireless camera, you’ve come to the right place.
Browsing through our best-seller brands and products, you can decide which features are most important to meet your security needs. Our top-selling video surveillance devices are tested and tried, so any system or accessory you choose, you can be sure to receive the best video surveillance device to protect your assets and loved ones.

RFID, biometric, barcode and magnetic terminals

Infordata is the exclusive distributor of various brands including Giga, Id-Tech, iGuard Lucky Technology, as well as being official distributor of other famous brands such as Axxess TMC Zucchetti, Impinj UHF Technology Solutions, Magtek, Secugen, etc.

Badge – Badge accessories and printers

Access control is fast becoming an essential requirement for any business, the greater security it offers is priceless.
Not only that, it has become a way of controlling the staff within an organization – ensuring that only the right people go to the right areas.
We offer different systems to effectively respond to all access control needs, whether it be a simple door lock or a complete system. You can choose from our biometric recognition solutions, based on fingerprint reading, proximity cards or even buy a combination of types of different terminals, to meet the different areas of your business.
Access control readers allow a unique identification for each employee or visitor quickly and efficiently. Badge readers and biometric access control can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Our product range includes access control systems such as biometric readers, proximity cards, magnetic cards and more.