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Karst Firewall 5.0 – Innovative Ecosystem-Based Climate Change Adaptation

Infordata Sistemi is a proud partner of the Interreg ITA-SLO Karst Firewall 5.0 project, which started in April 2024 and will finish by the end of March 2026.

The fires in the 2022 summer seriously affected the inhabitants and their living environment on the Karst region on the slovenian/italian border and destroyed several assets. Therefore, the municipality of Devin Nabrežina/Duino Aurisina in Italy and the municipality of Miren Kostanjevica in Slovenia, where the fires took place, together with 4 other partners agreed that there is a need to address climate change impacts on both sides of the border with additional risk reduction measures, focusing on forest management and fire risk prevention.

Karst Firewall 5.0 aims to create cross-border action plans to reduce vulnerability and detect fires in the Karst heath using advanced monitoring and warning systems. Key components include:

  • An integrated digital platform for fire management
  • An AI algorithm for fire prediction
  • Monitoring technologies
  • An alert system for inter-institutional collaboration

Expected improvements

  • to define a model with innovative strategies for forest fire prevention and management based on Karst ecosystem analysis, with a focus on environmental conservation;
  • improving integration in the decision-making process with the development and dissemination of ICT technologies;
  • supporting climate change adaptation actions with dedicated responses to the karst heath with the introduction of resilient tree species;
  • the promotion of integrated infrastructure for forest fire prevention and management;
  • the development of common approaches for awareness raising and capacity building in forest fire monitoring and early warning.

The fire risk reduction

The fire risk reduction will include the use of innovative digital systems that make use of advanced technologies (electronic noses, drones, satellite images, predictive algorithms), aimed at supporting forest fire risk assessment and monitoring and forest fire adaptation, prevention and management strategies

Infordata Sistemi will develop platform solutions which will garantee the management of the monitoring and maintenance work of these digital systems.

In this sense, cross-border training and collaboration for the adoption of advanced technologies in forest fire prevention and management strategies will be another key point to promote more effective cross-border prevention systems and management protocols using human-machine interaction mechanisms (Industry 5.0 concept approach).

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