Sport as a Restart Engine Thanks to Infordata Sistemi’s Innovative Solutions

On Friday, 14th May, the “new” sports center in the Politecnico di Milano Campus, the Giurati Sports Center, was inaugurated. The historic sports facility in the heart of Città Studi, built in 1929, underwent a complete transformation thanks to the customized solution provided by Infordata Sistemi.

The Politecnico entrusted us with the implementation of access control to the facilities and the development of a tailored system for managing registrations and sports activities.

In addition to the automated control of the various activities taking place on campus, there was a need to create precise and controlled physical access to the renewed sports center, with particular attention to access for people with disabilities.

We provided the customer with a comprehensive solution: in addition to a selection of hardware products, including turnstiles, gates, outdoor readers, and barriers, we integrated their university management system with a subscription purchase system, space reservation, field and course management, all certified by AgID.

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