The fourteenth edition of Sanremo Giovani will be remembered as one of the first COVID-19-proof festivals. The access system for the event, broadcast live from the Casinò Theatre in Sanremo on Rai 1 on Thursday, 17th December, has been implemented with an automatic real-time monitoring system for test results.

“In light of the recent Prime Ministerial Decrees (DPCM), the safety of an event involving around 2000 people required additional precautions,” stated Marko and Mitja Petelin, executives of the company that was already responsible for the security of the 2020 Sanremo Festival. “We have set up a system that monitors the test results of participants and staff in real-time. For example, those with expired or uncompleted COVID-19 tests will be denied access by deactivating their badges.”

The creation of guest lists for the festival, the distribution of mailing lists on accreditation and registration procedures, as well as the organization and monitoring of the portal for the submission of mandatory accreditation information (photos, names, tax codes, and COVID-19 test results) are managed by the MeetMe management software. This software provides a unified platform that offers customizable and user-friendly professional tools.

A test bench for all major events in 2021, starting with Sanremo 2021.

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