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Complete solutions for access control in hotels and sports facilities.

Do you run a hotel, sport or wellness center?

To manage the access into the rooms or control the authorized access in various areas of your facility.

For these activities we offer:


With no technology, printed front and back as a business card or with the a magnetic stripe or RFID chip. Customizable with several colours or with a numbering for access control management.


White or colourful, they are customizable and can be equipped with 125 Khz or 13.56mhz Rfid technology for access control. They are waterproof and suitable for their use in swimming pools or wet environments.


To print cards on your own.



ASSA ABLOY access control systems enabling administrators to control entrances to different areas of any facility through physical, electronic, offline, online and wireless systems. With ASSA ABLOY's technologies, developed for both standard and standalone systems and integrable with existing access control systems, the access to all facilities can be also controlled remotely.


For swimming pools and other wellness facilities, in order to reduce costs and water consumption, it is advisable to use a shower timer. The digital shower timer works as a stopwatch and can be used to run the flow of showers but also to time the electrical plugs use, thus allowing both water and electrical consumption to be monitored.


They are a simple and effective system of flow management allowing the gateway of one person at a time. They can be equipped by badge readers and they are very suitable for security management in crowded places such as events.