Infordata has expanded its product range with a new traceability system for objects and people using Beacon devices based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Beacon devices have various application contexts; they can be used for inventory management, warehousing, and also in the retail and proximity marketing sectors. These active tags typically have a range of 50-70 meters, reaching up to 200 meters, and they transmit identifying codes to other devices, enabling a precise and secure mapping of objects, people, products, and their movements.

Infordata uses Beacon with Eddystone technology, which transmits various types of frames and works with both iOS and Android systems. The applications of our new Real-Time Location System (RTLS) include:

  • Accurate indoor or confined space positioning of objects or people.
  • Real-time tracking and precise mapping of the movements of objects and people within secured spaces.
  • Monitoring and statistical analysis of movements.
  • Transmitting additional data such as speed, acceleration, temperature, humidity, etc.

How do we integrate RTLS technology with Beacon devices?

  • Through the GoPlanner Access Control software.
  • With RFID Asset Inventory Management software.

Our Beacon products include:

  • The Key fob BLE-KF500 tag.
  • The Screw-ON BLE-IT002 tag.
  • iGS02E Ethernet Beacon Gateway.

These products share common characteristics such as very low energy consumption and an extended battery life. Beacon parameters can be updated over-the-air using specific profile services. They are designed to fully meet all requirements related to resource monitoring, logistics, asset management, or preventive maintenance alerts. Contact us for more information at