MeetMe Software for Managing National Programmed Access Degree Courses

In the month of September, admission tests for single-cycle Master’s Degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Biotechnological Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine and Surgery in English (Medicine and Surgery), and three-year and Master’s Degree courses in Healthcare Professions for the academic year 2022/23 will be held at the University of Messina.

For the first time, access to the venue will be managed by Infordata Sistemi’s MeetMe software.

In practice, all admission tests involve access through a QR Code sent via the MeetMe platform to the email address provided by the candidate at the time of registration for the competition. With this QR Code, the candidate is authorized to pass through the  turnstiles at the entrance of the structure, where the test for the chosen faculty takes place.

Over 10,000 QR Codes have been sent, categorized by exam date. Through the MeetMe smartphone app, candidates can receive notifications and verify their information. A fixed printing station is always available for those who may have forgotten their QR Code.

KT02 turnstiles from the PERCo range with DS457 Zebra readers, provided by Infordata Sistemi, have been installed at the entrances.

The MeetMe system also allows real-time verification of the number of people present in the test area.

Visit the dedicated MeetMe website.

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