This year, Infordata Sistemi Srl is honored to manage security and accessibility at one of the most important events in Italian television: the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival. From February 4th to 8th, while we follow the competing artists on our screens at the Italian song festival, the “behind-the-scenes” will be entirely coordinated and managed by our company.

Starting with the creation of guest lists for the festival, which includes everyone from RAI and RAI advertising staff, technical staff, security, all the journalists, various teams from record labels, to the festival’s protagonists, the artists and singers, all the way to sending out mailing lists about accreditation management procedures and registrations. All of this is made possible by the MeetMe management software, which, through a single platform, allows the use of professional tools with customizable and user-friendly interfaces to optimize any type of organization.

The Ariston and all the facilities involved in the event are preparing to host around 20,000 people, including operators, staff, and artists: a challenge that Infordata is more than happy to accept to ensure absolute security and impeccable access management. The event-related structures (both the Ariston and the Palafiori, the RAI “headquarters”) will be equipped with numerous badge printing stations and various access control systems for checkpoints and attendance verification through portable and non-portable terminals. Using innovative technologies, the company offers and guarantees comprehensive security. Cutting-edge systems allow real-time monitoring of all presences in the rooms, indicating valid or invalid access permissions in individual facilities. Badges are equipped with NFC, UHF (for long-distance reading, up to 5 meters), and QRCode recognition. For access control, fixed readers will be installed on portable columns and portable terminals to recognize UHF tags from a distance. Additionally, stereoscopic cameras will be installed to enable people counting and identification inside a room.

The combination of these technologies and the extensive experience of the entire Infordata team provides an impeccable and successful service for a significant and prestigious event like the Sanremo Festival. So, sit back on your couches and armchairs, turn on your devices to RAI1, and enjoy what’s known as the result of excellent teamwork behind the scenes. If you need to organize an event and require support for accessibility and security, including software, request a quote from us!