Automatic Identification Tools for an Efficient Company

In a world that demands continuous technological advancement, the Urban Center of Trieste offers a meeting to assist companies transitioning into the digital age in becoming efficient and competitive in this realm.

During this event, Marko Petelin from the Slovenian Regional Economic Union (Ures) and Mitja Petelin from Infordata Sistemi, a company that provides comprehensive solutions for physical security and automatic tracking of assets and people, will present the innovative automatic identification technologies currently available and how they can be used to streamline various business processes.

Specifically, it will be detailed how a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) can initiate automatic controls, improve workflows, and invest in technologies suitable for adding value to the company through analytical activities aimed at the subsequent implementation of new procedures.

The main solutions offered to SMEs in the areas of security, location, automatic identification, and access control will be illustrated. An overview of the main identification technologies, such as RFID chips, GPS, smartphones, biometrics, and video analysis, will be provided, along with the latest ones based on IoT and Deep Learning.

Thanks to these tools, it is possible to initiate business development processes dedicated to personnel management and IoT, capable of enhancing efficiency and cost savings within the company.

Case studies will follow to demonstrate how these technologies have been applied in various contexts. They will also show how dashboards with performance indicators for analysis and control can initiate business development processes capable of reducing issues and execution times, resulting in economic savings and increased employee productivity.

You can attend the event in person at the Urban Center in Trieste or online.