This year Sanremo 2024’s activities and numbers are extraordinary, with a special emphasis on Fiorello’s event, which with the night edition of Viva Rai2 attracted a considerable crowd. All the main Italian radio stations are present with impressive stands and the correspondents of television broadcasts participate with daily connections.

To ensure security and access Infordata Sistemi implemented:

  • Badges with dual rfid + uhf technology;
  • Accurate attendance counting via mobile and fixed devices with short and long range RFID technology;
  • 3D camera-based people counters for capacity control in defined areas;
  • Access control in indoor and outdoor areas via the Meetme system;
  • A portal with monitors, sound and light alerts for security and a real-time data visualisation system was implemented for the artists.

Compared to previous editions, the introduction of passes for citizens has also been requested due to road closures during the festival. Businesses will also be provided with passes authorised by the municipality to facilitate transit.

Coordination with the police, linked to the information systems, provides for checks before and after the collection of passes. The platform manages customised badges according to the type of guest.

In addition to the Ariston Theatre, the following city areas are involved:

  1. Piazza Colombo stage: Where performances by artists not in the competition take place.
  2. Imperatrice: Characterised by light installations.
  3. Imperatrice (in front of the Casino): Hosts the Radio Village.
  4. Piazza Muccioli: Involves Radio Dimensione Suono.
  5. Piazzale Vesco: Home of Radio Kiss Kiss.
  6. Piazzale Pian di Nave: Where the Giant Ferris Wheel is located.
  7. Bagni Arenella – N. Sauro: With a Mortar installation dedicated to the Region of Liguria.
  8. Villa Nobel (entrance to the cycle path): Space “Oltre il Festival” (Beyond the Festival).
  9. Villa Ormond (entrance Cavallotti): The Festival Village.
  10. Exterior Ariston – Glass Studio: Post-event.

Once again Infordata Sistemi faced an incredible organisational effort, proving to be a reliable and competent partner in the execution of the planned activities.